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Default Mini WSM Spare Ribs

I humbly submit my first try at spare ribs for the throwdown...I say humbly as my "mini wsm" seems rather large compared to the micro entries....

Bought two racks of spares and did my best to cut them down St Louis style. Also bought a rack of "boneless ribs" from my butcher that they said were cut off the loin where the rib meat would be.

Dusted them with Simply Marvelous Cherry and put them in the fridge overnight.

Loaded up the Mini on Saturday afternoon with Kingsford and Applewood.

Lit some coals to start the fire...

Put the ribs on at 1:00pm with the Mini at 250 degrees.

Smoked them until 3:00pm and then wrapped them. I placed them on the second rack of the mini and put a cast iron skillet of beans on the top rack. Forgot to take a pic of that but it was great being able to use both racks. Left them on until 4:00pm and put a quick glaze on them. I used Sweet Baby Rays, Coke, Cider Vinegar, Rub, and cherry juice. Took them out to rest at 4:20 and rewrapped them in foil.

Cut them up around 5:00pm. They cut great. Tender, nice bark. Good bite to the bone. In general, a great rib. The boneless ribs were a big hit with the kids. The beans came out great too. The mini definitely made for a quick cook. A bit faster than I expected but as you know, they are done when they are done!

I will let Bigabyte choose between these two pics...

Thanks for looking and your voting consideration!
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