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Originally Posted by tuliku View Post
Half hour later at 280 F :-)

= edit =
Another half hour later at 320 F :-)
Me so happy, looks like it works properly now, but still, any comments / advice for improving are very welcome !

== edit ==
Another half hour later still at 320 F.
I guess this is the max temp then
To try to get it hotter, i closed 1 of the 3 pipes. The daisy lid was all the time closed.

I'm not sure if you were referring to the 3 intakes or the 3 exhausts , but to get your temps hotter you likely need MORE airflow from the intakes. From what I've read here you want to leave your exhausts wide open all the time , and control your temperature with the intakes. Not enough heat would indicate not enough airflow. For a really easy test you could remove the ball valves during a cook and check what it does to your temps. Great looking UDS , and looks like it was a heck of a party , take care.
Mike Price
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