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Default Anita O'Days Sweet Georgia Brown

The Brethren also serves as my recipe database for when I need to remind myself of a recipe I need to make a video of. Please ignore this.

Next time you are smoking a nice spatchcocked turkey throw this in.

Anita O'Day's Sweet Georgia Brown

3 pounds of sweet potatoes
2 Lbs Parsnips
2 Lbs of Carrots (Full carrots)
4 Large Purple Onions (Red)
1 1/2 cups of dried cranberries (I Use Crasins which are cranberry flavored raisins as I use them in my slaw too)

O day's Hot Spoonful (Get the Joke?)

2T Brown James Brown
6T Jesse Johnson
4 T Italian Aretha Franklin
2 t George Clinton
1 t or more of FRESH Cracked Larry Graham
2/3 C of Travolta Inspired Parsely

Cut the Onions into chunks relatively the same mass as the next three ingredients. Peel everything. Cut veggies into 1 - 2 inch chunks. Grease up an hotel pan (I Often use smoked brisket or pork fat for this which I keep in the fridge like any decent Pitmaster would). This is VERY Important!!! Mix Parsnips, Carrots and crasins and dump in pan. Add the peeled sweet potatoes on top.

Mix up your Hot Spoonful.

Combine James Brown, Jesse Johnson, Italian Aretha Franklin< Clinton and Larry and pour over everything as best as you can (drizzle really) without mixing. Here is why... and I got this from a tip from my first edition of Joy Of Cooking. The veggies are laying against a film of grease and will stick little to the cooking pan. The Potatoes are on top and cook quicker so on top they are cooler and insulated by the more dense carrots and such.

Cook TIGHTLY covered in your Pit in a medium spot (provided you are correctly cooking at a house temp of above 275 (-:. This needs four hours or so. Remember... this is redneck cooking so times vary depending on equipment and the expertise of the pitmaster's ability to know when things are done without peeking at them.

Top with crumbled Bacon and Travolta Inspired Parsley when done. Don't worry, even though its tightly sealed in foil... the hint of smoke gets in there.
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