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Is lookin for wood to cook with.
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Smokerking, something like that. But it is ok, it got destroyed the next day after the party, cause a car who parked at our drive way didn't see it and crushed it..
So i got myself a new task, making another one during the week, but this time only half size :-)

So, the grilling / smoking party was excellent. We used an additional small standard grill for the vegetables and fish, and the UDS for the steaks and chicken. It burned very well for more then 6 hours, with about 4 KG of briquettes. I guess thanks to the briquettes, temperatur went up to a smooth 300 F.

I asked all the ladies at the party to pose with my UDS, as a thank you for all you guys here for the great support and advice given :-)

Thanks for getting me on the right way, more success pics will follow :-)
Greetings from Prague :-)

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