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Default 10 pound brisket from Sam's with Texas-Style BBQ Rub

My 1st. brisket. Using the Texas-Style BBQ Rub from Steven Raichlen's book. Tried to keep it simple. Salt, chilli powder, sugar, black pepper and cumin. Rubbed it, wrapped it in plastic, and in the fridge for 24 hrs. Just put it on the UDS at 9 p.m. I bought a 16" terra cotta pot base, covered it in foil (to keep it clean) and using it for a diffuser, placed it on my 2nd grate. Also added a 2nd vent on the weber lid. Temp usually goes up and down and needed contant attention. Not this time. Seems to be holding 235-240 degrees really well. I have to 2 ball valves 75% open and both top vent full open. Best smoke I have ever had since we built it. Only 15 hours to go.

10 pound brisket from Sam's with Texas-Style BBQ Rub

Both lid vents wide open.
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