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Default Waucoma results

I pulled this form the BBQ Forum. I didn't recognize any Brethren teams, but Ulcer Cares, who Greg and I met at Shannon, did very well.

1. Big Shooters Cookin
2. Farm Boy BBQ
3. Bavarian BBQ Boys

Bloody Mary
1. Rajun Racks
2. Racoon Flats
3. Joannies Juice

1. Bar B Quau
2. Smokin Clones
3. Meadow Valley BBQ

Sides Dishes
1. Bar B Quau
2. Wallace Piper Farms
3. Raccoon Flats

1. Toad Hollar BBQ
2. Team Deliverance
3. Porky's Pit Crew

1. Bar B Quau
2. Smokin Clones
3. Toad Hollar
4. Lets Kick some Ash
5. Bavarian BBQ Boys
6. Shim Dog BBQ
7. KRE Smokers
8. 3 Smokers
9. Smells Like Butt
10. BBQ Council

1. Bar B Quau
2. A Boy and His BBQ
3. Butts and Bones BBQ
4. Smokin Clones
5. Bonnie and Clyde
6. Porky's Pit Crew
7. Girls a Q'n
8. BBQ Council
9. Smokin Moose BBQ
10. Shim Dog BBQ

1. Ulcer Acres
2. Bavarian BBQ Boys
3. Just Que Crazy
4. Bar B Quau
5. Smokin Clones
6. Bonnie and Clyde
7. Go Ducks
8. 3 Smokers
9. Big Shooters Cookin Now
10. Bone Hill BBQ

1. Ulcer Acres
2. Butts and Bones BBQ
3. Two Thorns and a Rose
4. Toad Hollar BBQ
5. A Boy and His BBQ
6. Smokin Clones
7. Smells Like Butt
8. KRE Smokers
9. Raccoon Flats
10. Jack Pine Savage

10. Lets Kick Some Ash
9. Raccoon Flats
8. Shim Dog BBQ
7. Bavarian BBQ Boys
6. Butts and Bones BBQ
5. A Boy and His BBQ
4. Toad Hollar BBQ
3. Ulcer Acres

Reserve Grand Smokin Clones
Grand Bar B Quau
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