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It is a Weber kettle and pretty much does its own thing unless you close all the vents. With all your hardware experience, I am confident you will do fine. There is a thread here if you search for "ranch kettle offset."

I would start with a chimney full of long burning briquettes (I use Rancher/Stubbs) and add several wood chunks - all piled up on one side near front for convenience. Place hinged section of grate over fire so you can insert wood/charcoal as needed. Bottom vents half open, top wide open to start. You might have to rotate meat every so often away from fire, depending on how full it is and how hot you get the fire. If you foil your ribs, you can always transfer them to oven during the foil portion while you cook chicken. I have cooked 3 spares/3 BB's at once without any problems.

Take pictures of the beast!! My Ranch Kettle has been sitting in the barn for years, totally neglected, but I know it is there when I need it!
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