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Originally Posted by tuliku View Post
Galvanized parts are bad for using....?
If its galvanized and I am not the galv police I would not use it and most likely it is if its outdoor fencing as the outdoor fencing usually is treated so it doesn't rust. Now does that mean anything will happen to you based on how high the temp gets in a smoker, probably not. If you were welding it thats a different story and if you used galvanized bolts dropping them in vinegar works, takes a few days but it works. I used zinc bolts for my basket stainless for the cooking grates but I did drop the zinc bolts in the vinegar for a few days, I was just being cautious. I used expanded metal which most on here do, if you have a home depot they have a 12x12 piece here anyway for 10 bucks. I took my skill saw and cut it in half so I had a basket 6" high had to bolt the 2 pieces together as my charcoal grate is 13.5 diameter I think, you have enough to have about a 1" gap from the side of the edge. I just used ties from copper wiring to attach it to the grate, works fine and half full of charcoal last weekend doing ribs it burned better than 5 hours and more if I had not shut it down. Not an expert by any means, I figured drilling the wholes would solve your problem one picture looks like you didn't drill all around the edge if you didn't I would do that. If you get to 320 not much would be cooked above that if anything, its a smoker not a grill.
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