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Is lookin for wood to cook with.
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I have not had my GMG for very long, but prefer the GMG pellets. I have purchased a bag of Traeger premium pellets and was not impressed. Went through the bag very quickly I thought. Here is Washingtion, we can also get a brand call Bear Mountain. They are made local. I have a friend that has used them, but I have not. I was going to stop by Cash and Carry and pick up a bag of Bear Mountain and give them a try.

Also with the traeger flavored pellets, they just add oil to the oak pellets. Their apple wood pellets just have apple flavoring added.

As for the smoke flavor and smoke ring on the meat, I have done three briskets on my GMG and gotten very good results. The first two I cooked at 210 degrees and got a very distinct smoke ring and flavor. The last one I cooked at 230 and also over cooked it . It also didn't show a very deep smoke ring, but it was well done as well.
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