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Found some matches.
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The only thing looking at your ash catcher it almost seems like the sides are at the bottom level of your charcoal grate. Hard to tell by the photo, are your bolts from the bottom of the catcher 3" above meaning 3" from the bottom of the catcher to the grate? If the sides of the catcher are really close to the bottom of the grate looks to me you really don't have much airflow once the coals ash starts dropping. If you want to keep the catcher I am guessing drilling holes around those sides probably ain't gonna hurt and actually I think your problem is the more I look at it - airflow. I used a 16" pizza pan from Wally World which has very little lip on it and I think it cost 3 bucks or 3.50. Keeps the basket lower as I bolted thru the bottom of the pan and with a bunch of washers and nuts the grate is 3" from the bottom of the pizza pan so the pizza pan just sits on the bottom of the barrel with the bolt heads holding it off the bottom.
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