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Default Summarizing questions from people.

Hi guys.. just browsing and saw some interesting maybe unanswered questions.

tuliku - Post #8141 ( explains a lot with air flow and I put in there area of a circle chart. Please note that the chart is about controlling the INTAKES. Always leave your Exhaust fully opened, once you have figured out how many holes and how big you need. You can use the calculations and convert to metric system. In general, if you have three 3/4 inch holes you would have a total of 1.33 inches squared for the intake, and for exhaust you should have about pi inches or 3.14 inches squared, which you'd get from the typical 2 inch hole in the lid.
Adding some chimney pipe helps a lot to create the draft to pull. It will burn more coals though, however getting high heat will not be a problem.

tuliku !! When you mention that you only got to 120 degrees, are you by chance reporting in Centigrade? That would be ~248 degrees Fahrenheit. This actually seems very typical.

hankll - burn it out! especially the one that had antifreeze. Clean it with something like dish soap at least, or something like alcohol-based cleaner.

hankll & Drumbum77 - Then BURN it out at a high temp, close lid, should do like a good 400 degrees for an hour at least? Or just let it finish the fuel. (any kind of wood helps create lots of heat. Be careful! not too much!)

Then when it cools, if you don't smell any chemicals, rub the whole thing down with cooking oil and then burn it again, but this time with wood you would cook with to produce a good amount of smoke. Let this smoke for all day again. It should hit 350 degrees for half an hour during this phase. Doing this will create a really NICE coating of blackness that will be somewhat hard and protect both the drum and your food from anything left over inside the barrel.

My friend did this with his drum using olive oil and it came it amazing. Looks as if he carmalized it inside.
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