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Default cold-brewed coffee

Just want to throw this out there as something to consider. My wife gave me the coffee bug a few months after I met her. Until then, coffee was always bitter dishwater. When she came to my apartment in Canada, she always had a delicious smelling cup of coffee. I absolutely loved the smell. One day she convinced me to try it. I did and it was fabulous and I was an addict. I had my favorite blend at my favorite store. When we moved south and later visited Canada, we'd stock up and try to bring back a LOT of coffee. Afterward I found that my Canadian chain had a store in our area by another name. I visited. After talking with the manager I discovered that the coffee would not be the same, that the US is considered a dumping ground for all the world's inferior coffee -- it's got to go somewhere, they figure. When foreigners complain about American coffee, there is good reason! Many years ago we started importing and then roasting coffee like Ron. I can't tell you how many espresso pots we have and I think we're on our fourth roasting system. That's not my point. About a year ago I started suffering from some stomach problems and one thing all the doctors agreed on was "NO MORE COFFEE!" The caffeine isn't good, but the acid was a killer. My wife had cold brewed before and we liked it. Now, the cold-brewed is something I can drink that won't bother my stomach. For those unfamiliar, it simply involves mixing your ground coffee with water in a jar. We keep it there for about a day or two, shaking it up when we see it. Then we simply filter the grounds out with a coffee filter. Easy! The advantage is that the coffee has MUCH less acid. Because it doesn't have the acid, it lasts much longer too. We can keep a jar in the fridge for a week and just pour a cup when we want it (heat in the microwave or drink on ice). Typically we make about a liter at a time. Just want to throw this out as another brewing possibility! There are many websites on cold-brewing coffee. Some will try to sell you things to help you, but really, it is just a device to hold a coffee filter. We use Mason jars.
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