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Default RE: Stuffed Pork Loin

Here's the way I do it. First the cut is going to be butterflied but in thirds, like a phamplet foldout. Rub with honey mustard and then with TexasRub inside and out. Next goes on a little rosemary and thyme, followed by some very thin sliced Virginia Honey Ham (lot cheaper than that fancy stuff). Then the baby leaf spinach, lots of it. Then sliced mushrooms topped with provolone. And last goes on a pound or two of cream cheese that has a jar of Peach Habanero TexasJPepperJelly mixed in. Fold it all back up, tie it off and smoke over peach wood for about 3-4 hours at around 200-210. Pull loin off when internal reaches 145. Wrap in heavy foil, place in a cooler to set. Wait about 45 min. to an hour before slicing.
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