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Default HELP! Roasting a pig underground next weekend! need lots of__ help!

Alright. Its time for my 3rd annual pig roast. first year i butterflied the pig and basically grilled it. baaaddd. 2nd year i rented a spit. the spit stunk, had to rig it, barely worked and the skin charred and bubbled and was baaadd.

This year i want to do the underground method. Ive done a ton of research. Ive found primarily one way that most places have said to do it, but some others have gave me variations.

Ill list the details of the roast and then the method i plan to take. then ill list a few questions.

A) The pig i ordered is 80-85 pounds.
B) i plan to season and stuff the pig with yams and pineapple. (maybe some other fruits as well)

Method i plan:
1) Digging a hole 2 1/2 feet deep. 5 feet long, 30inches wide
2) Burning a ton of hardwood in the hole until it is glowing with coals.
3) stuffing the pig and wrapping him in leaves
4) wrapping the leaved pig in burlap
5) wrapping the burlap in chicken wire and making wire handles to lift the pig in and out
6) lowering the pig in and covering him with wet burlap sacks
7) covering the hole with dirt until no steam is leaking out

1) MOST methods have called for rocks to also be put in the fire. i understand what they are for however i dont have access to volcanic rocks. i can just use regular rocks (with the risk of them exploding) or i did find one page with directions that did not include rocks. what other kind of rocks can i use? Is there really a HUGE risk in using any rocks? Would i be ok to do it without rocks?

2) I also would not be putting rocks into the pigs cavity. Im assuming this would lengthen the time of the cook (which would be good for me so i can put him in the night before and let him cook until we are ready to eat the next day)

3) 100 lb pig. Stuffed. No rocks in cavity. How long to cook it to ensure its done? 10 hrs? 12? 14? ive seen wild things that say anywhere from 4hrs - 24hrs. most falling in the 10-12 range.

4) not quite sure i have access to Banana leaves. im going to try and go with either corn husks. lettuce leaves, or some other big leaves i can find. maybe ti leaves, im gonna make some calls tomorrow. any suggestions?

any help would be greatly appreciated! and believe me... lots of Pron next weekend!
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