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Default My Ugly Drum Smoker


After checking out loads of video's on youtube and reading even more on this forum, and collecting the materials during the past 2 weeks, I finally build my UDS this weekend.

Typical black, nothing fance, but all mine and all self made

However, a problem, can't get the temp higher then 120 F.

Here are the steps I took.
- Fired up a charcoal holder and waited till the coals where red hot burning.
- Poored them over the charcoal basket i made. (only half full for a test run)
- Put the basket in the UDS, all 3 air intake vents at the bottom open
- Top vent open, the smaller vents with 4 holes closed.
(charcoal was from normal quality, also tried briquettes, same issue.
But this charcoal and briquettes work fine on a normal grill)

No luck. Also after closing the 2 side air intake vents, and opening the top 4 holed vent, no change.

What am i doing wrong ? How do you gents make it work ?

Here some pics:

Basket: 25 cm / 9.8 inches deep x 33 cm / 13 inches in diameter.


And the UDS completed:

Soon a complete step by step overview with pics.

Please let me know in detail how you get your UDS up and running.

Thank you,
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