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Originally Posted by Ground Pounder View Post
My only complaint using "the fuse" with chunks was the flare ups I'd get if I had to open the lid to shift the cooking grate/clear ash/foil/etc. That's one of the reasons I started using foiled chip packets instead...
I generally don't open it up until I take internal temp at about 6hrs in, and I only use 4 chunks of wood, enough for a good smoke ring and a light smoke taste.

Originally Posted by Fiddy/Fiddy View Post
Would this approach still work using lump. I have sworn off briquettes for good. To Yucky and I can't stand the smell!!!
Yes you can use lump, I have in the past, but I recommend you get another charcoal grate and place it at a right angle to the other, this will help keep the smaller pieces from falling through the grate.
BTW Stubbs briquettes smell great IMHO.
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