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Is lookin for wood to cook with.
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smokers (Grand champion)
2)Two big slugs (Reserve)
3)The Woodhouse grill ( second loser haha )
4) Bill & The dixie chicks
5)chatham Artillery bbq
6)Southern que-n-stew
7)Soggy bottom boys bbq
Bar-B-Que Monsters
9)Britton's BBQ
10)Two Hog Nuts

1)Tarheel smokers
2)The Woodhouse Grill
3(Two Hog Nuts
4)Chatham artillery BBQ
5)Bill & the dixie chicks

1)Southern Que-n-stew
2)Bone heads
3)Chatham artillery BBQ
4)Two big slugs
5)Black Jack BBQ

1)The Woodhouse Grill
2)Bar-B-Que Monsters
3)Blue Ridge Mountain BBQ
4)Brittons BBQ
5)Two big slugs

1)tarheel smokers
2)two big slugs
3)pig-n-out pork cookers
4)chatham artillerybbq
5)brittons bbq

How was the cooking school? I heard my name came up a couple of times . I geuss I'd better be ready for you guy's that are gunning for me HAHAHA! anyway dont hold back what did you learn?
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