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Default I think it is cheapest in the market

Originally Posted by AustinKnight View Post
Are those probe/temp things expensive I haven't seen those kind, and do you just lay the temp prob that controls the temp on the grill grate?
You lay pit probe on grate and insert food probe into meat.
You set pit temperature and meat temperate.
At first Pit temperature will be dominant. When it reaches to set time, or when meat reaches to set temperature, Meat temperature will be dominant.

Say you set Pit temp. at 220F for 6 hours, meat temperature at 190F.
6 hours late, meat probe will control the pit.
or whenever meat reaches to 190F, meat probe will take over the control.
You can set meat at 190F for 3 hours, then hold at 140F forever.
During meat probe dominant, pit temperature is limited under certainly level, say 230F.
This way doness is under control, and also you do not over burn surface of meat.
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