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Default Temperature Contollers

a new controller at

Re: Temperature Controllers
by urbangriller Sat Sep 03, 2011 9:50 am

I've got one of these sitting on my desk right now, the courier delivered it during the week, so I've not tried it yet, next weekends job (BBQ school this weekend).

Unlike all the other controllers, it has 4 phases, so you can set phase 1 to X temperature for Y time, when the time is up it moves to the next phase (XX temperature for YY time) and so on. In addition to that you set the meat doneness temp and hold time, so when the meat gets to temp it controls the BBQ pit to hold the meat at temperature for the length of time you have set, then it switches the BBQ pit to your preset "resting" temperature.

It's looking like the cheapest and smartest controller on the market and the next version I think will be remote and internet enabled.

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