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After seeing the aggravation with the drums with liners, I guess I was lucky. My drum was completely unlined and had been holding windshield washer fluid and another one I got had antifreeze solution in it. Both were unlined. The one that I converted to my UDS, was the one with the washer fluid in it. And I don't really believe I would have had to burn it out, since I could have probably used car wash solution and suds it up to clean it, but I figured it would rust on me pretty quickly. But I built the fire in it anyway, since I wanted the outside coating of paint to be removed. I used a wire wheel brush designed to fit on a bench grinder, and I fitted it to the buffer/grinder I have. It did a quick job of removing the gunk from the inside and any remaining paint from the outside. I had mine cleaned out within about 30 minutes. I put black grill paint on it, and fired it up for my first cook.
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