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Originally Posted by daverev View Post
To be legal here in Ky. this is what we need.

"In order to have a catering business, you must have these things:

*Separate kitchen from the one you use in your home
*3 compartment sink
*Hand Sink
*Mop Sink
*Water Heater
*Space for equipment (Cabinets and Countertops)
*Dry Storage (Nothing can sit on floor)
*No Carpet (Flooring must be able to be mopped)"
But this would be in your commissary, because you don't have to have a trailer to cater, correct? My ex and I used to run a catering business from our home - legally! We used to get unannnounced inspections just like a restaurant. They changed that law now and if you aren't grandfathered in you can't do it any more. I wonder if you build a dedicated kitchen just for the business - in addition to your regular kitchen - could you do it from home? We're getting ready to build a new home and I designed in a kitchen in the basement for that purpose - don't know whethere we'll go through with that part yet or not, though. Certainly need to talk to the HD beforehand...
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