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Default Unique recipes needed

I am currently attending culinary school and the program is nearing the end, and as part of my final I have to create a themed menu. Being that my passion involves bbq and grilling, that is the theme I am going with for my menu.
I need to create 5 salads, 5 soups, 7 appetizers, 10 entrees and 3 desserts, and I will have to name the item and provide a brief description on the menu.
I have already created a bunch of dishes on my own, but I have hit the wall creatively so I am looking to the brethren for some ideas.
In addition to just putting all of these items on a menu, I will need to know how to cook everything on the menu. I will be handing the menu in on Monday, Sept 17th. Then on Tuesday the instructor is going to pick any items he chooses from the menu and I will have to cook it and prepare it.
So, the recipes I am looking for will require ingredients, amounts of ingredients and cooking techniques.
Unfortunately I only have a few hours to prep and cook so slow and low bbq isn't really an option, but all grilled or oven recipes are welcome.
If you would like to share a unique recipe with me, you can post it here or send it to me in private message.
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