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I am no expert on beef ribs, as I have only done them a handful of times, but in my experience I have found that I much preferred the ribs after I spent the time to remove the silverskin.

Not to derail the thread, and I suppose this topic wouldn't be really doing so, but has anyone else had a tougher time removing the membrane on beef ribs as opposed to pork ribs, which I find to be quite easy. I don't know why it has worked out that way for me, but I have had a heck of a time removing the membrane on the few racks of beef ribs I have prepared. As I said before, I think that were far better that way, so I will continue to do so in the future, extra work or not. Just wondered if anyone else out that had had a similar experience.

EDIT: Originally I had clicked on this thread a few hours ago, got distracted by other activities, and just returned to the computer. I see now that a couple of the more recent responses address what I was talking about.
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