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I'll add a bit of input here.

Typically the air intakes are 3/4" ID not 1". The original drilled hole is a 1" hole meant to accept a 3/4 pipe nipple.

Norco somehow or other came up with the 3ea 3/4" holes and that size and number of holes has pretty much been accepted as standard procedure. I have the Norco style holes on mine and I can get my heat up to 325 with a 10" diffuser plate with only 2 holes wide open. With the third hole open I imagine I could go as high as 350 or more.

Anyway, Norco also claims and others agree that 8ea 1/2" holes are sufficient for the top exhaust. I haven't done the math but I'd guess the 8ea 1/2" holes are a comparable or a larger surface area than 3ea 3/4" holes.

I do know that one Weber vent has 4ea 7/8" holes. I did the math on this and I know the 4ea 7/8" holes is a larger surface area than Norco's suggested 8ea 1/2" holes.

So to sum this up, if you think more/bigger exhaust is going to improve your smoking I don't think it will. But it may create a more even heat disbursement and reduce any hot spot you may have below the one vent wheel. Part of Norco's reasoning for the 8ea 1/2" holes was to spread out the heat exhaust, lessening the potential for hot spots caused by the heat exhaust focusing towards one vent.

Hope this makes sense.

Carbon, I could be wrong but I don't think adding more exhaust will raise your heat for chicken. Raising the heat requires more O2 getting on your fire or less diffuser spreading out the heat.

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