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Found some matches.
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Saw this while browsing my favourite topic 'Peat.' By way of a Peat update and introduction for general information, Jim Gallagher was the owner of Irish Smoke, an American and my ex partner, who created Sneaky Peat in 1998 in Donegal, Ireland, where he retired to live.

I bought in on my return from Africa, and we then launched Sneaky Peat (USA) in 1999, which I still own and run. Jim died in 2010, and as a result Irish Smoke no longer exists, although I own the trade marks along with Irish BBQ and Sneaky Peat.

We are dead serious about Peat, have associates in Ireland, UK and Africa and are always happy to forge grand relationships promoting mutual endeavours.

Happy Irish BBQ'ing - T'is the only way - when ye know how!!
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