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Well, I've been craving beef ribs and brisket and just about everything for a long time. Also, this weekend is the beginning of a 10-day stay at home, the longest I've had since last Christmas, so I started with something that would satisfy both cravings at once. Started with a nice package of beef ribs.

One nice thing about these is that all the extra membranes found in beef ribs are already removed. I did something a bit different with about half of them and made up a little marinade.

I think there were a few other ingredients in there, but that's basically it. I smoked these with some cherry wood for about 6 hours at around 275* or thereabouts. They looked beautiful, but I was craving bark, so I brushed them with honey. While I was looking for sesame oil, I stumbled across a container of Foil Hat Rub, JACKPOT! I'm sure it is my very last, but it was what I was craving. The rest of the ribs were given this rub. Again, I was craving bark, so I brushed these with a mixture of Sweet Baby Rays and Rooster sauce a half hour before removal. They really hit the spot. We do these little noodle bowls a lot as the girls love them.

I was a little lazy and just broke the meat up. Well, gotta go check my pork chops. They've been smoking for an hour now.
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