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Well, I have read all of this thread, and have been informed, entertained, and enlightened! Hats off to all who have posted and gone before me. There is a wealth of knowledge on here. I started out on another forum, and planned my UDS from there, but found this forum and greatly expanded my knowledge. I have built my KISS smoker without any mods or extra blings, and have been rewarded with an excellent controllable smoker. I have three 3/4 inch intakes, two caped off and one with a ball valve. I have a 2" by 5" pipe nipple screwed into the bung hole on the lid, which is a removable lid with a clamp ring on it. My basket is made from 3/4 # 9 expanded and bolted on an angle iron frame. No welding, just cut and bolt together along with some hog wire. It is about 14 X 14 and sits three inches above the bottom of the barrel. All holes were cut with a hole saw or drill bits. I bought some extra caps for my intakes and drilled different size holes in them for added control when needed. After my first brisket that I smoked for 9 hours, I let the fire go on at a steady 210 degrees and after 37 hours, i got tired of checking on it and shut it down, with some briquets still left unburned. Needless to say, I was impressed. If I can figure out how to post some pictures, I will post pictures of my build.
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