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Hi folks,

Here is my first throwdown submission. I must apologise for the random nature of some of the photos - the camera wasn't playing nicely this weekend.

I thought to make things interesting, I would do 3 different types of Beef ribs at the same time:
Beef back ribs, beef spare ribs and beef short ribs.

Nomenclature nitpicking aside, the back ribs were the "curvy boned, less meat on them" type similar to pork back ribs.

The spare ribs had longer, straighter bones with a nice layer of fat on the top that crisps up beautifully during smoking.

The short ribs had some amazing marbling and melted in the mouth, while the back ribs were a bit more toothsome (due to the connective tissue) and the spare ribs externally fattier yet leaner inside. Overall the short ribs were my favourite.

Anyways, the ribs were all prepped and cooked the same way (but for different times due to thickness/toughness/tenderness differences): Rubbed with my own homemade rub, then finished off with a homemade tomato based BBQ sauce as a glaze. Sauce for dipping served on the side!

On with the photos:

Short Ribs:

A side-on view of the short ribs to show the nice marbling:

The spare ribs, rubbed and smoked but before "glazing":

A cross section of one of the spare ribs:

One of the back ribs:

One of the back ribs sliced:

From the side: These babies pull back from the bone BIG-TIME!

The short rib after smoking:

A shot of the inside to show the beautiful marbling of the short rib:

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