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Originally Posted by Drumbum77 View Post
Just another cook time question that's probably been covered already, but I have to get back to work. I could spend a week on this thread.

I will be cooking an eight pound butt this weekend for some folks that are coming over and was curious how long ya'll think it might take. I know some have said that things tend to go a little faster on the good old UDS. This will be my second smoke on my new build. I did some whole chickens that turned out amazing. I know it all depends on the cut of meat, etc....Im just trying to get ball park idea. 10Hrs?

Millions of answers will come. But don't sweat it. Just try for 225 in the smoker and leave the meat in there for 11 hours. It's totally fine if you pull it off when the meat internal temp is 185, 195, even 205. I found once it hits 200 it really gets soft.
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