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Default Renown Mr. Brown

Been smokin' a few year but hadn't tried pulled pork yet. I tried the Renown Mr. Brown recipe last weekend on the recommendation of a friend and loved it. I followed the recipe to a "T". I thought it was too much black pepper but it mellowed, and with the bark mixed through the entire batch of pulled pork, it was just fine.

Here's my question. I was smoking right around 250 and was expecting the two butts to take between 9-12 hours. I checked the temp at 6 hours and they were already up to 180 and I was afraid if I left them much longer, they would turn to mush. I ended up leaving them 3 more hours and they were at 190. I wrapped them in foil for two hours and held them in a cooler, and they pulled perfectly, not overdone, not mushy at all.
Does pork butt peak early and plateu like this? I had two bone in Boston Butts, about 8lb each.
What's your experience?
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