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It will depend on the thickness. I suggest you butterfly them, then grill at 350. If you grill them, they are done in 10 minutes or so. I find they taste better grilled as opposed to smoked ones and they also tend to dry out when cooked too long. I did smoke some yesterday, wrapped in bacon and they were on my smoker for about 2 hrs at 250*. I pulled them at 165 IT and they were good but not tender enough for my liking.
Now the split breast with the skin is a different story. I prefer those smoked and then crisp the skin under the broiler. I usually just take off the skin and just eat the meat.
I know you are wanting to dump some lbs, so I'm not sure what the fat/calorie content would be if you cook with the skin on and remove before eating.
Just my .02.
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