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Originally Posted by BMerrill View Post
Hi NC Grimbo..

Agree with the first poster above, the unwanted alarms are annoying..
Having the sensor serial number displayed in the alert is not needed because you have the sensor name. Displaying the serial number also clutters the display.
I will look into removing the serial number of the probe from the alerts.

Originally Posted by BMerrill View Post
Why does the StokeMaster have to quit monitoring the Stoker. I keep getting a warning that it will quit in 10 minites if I don't bring it forward. If my GPS app did this I wouldn't have the app.

This is how Apple has designed iOS 4. There are only 3 types of apps that can run in the background with no restrictions. From the Apple Developer's Guide:
  • audio. The application plays audible content to the user while in the background. (This includes streaming audio or video content using AirPlay.)
  • location. The application keeps users informed of their location, even while running in the background.
  • voip. The application provides the ability for the user to make phone calls using an Internet connection
Stoke Master does not conform to any of these three types of apps so when it gets moved into the background, I have to request that my app be allowed to continue to run. I can make this request 1 time when the app is moved to the background and iOS will give me up to 10 minutes of running time. When there is 2 minutes or less of running time, I alert you that the app will be going to sleep unless you bring it to the forground.

Originally Posted by BMerrill View Post
In the graph, have a way to set the min and max of the graph.
Display the time of day not length of cook on the bottom of the graph.
Currently, for the temp axis, the min is set to 0 and the max is set to 10 degrees over the highest temp. The time axis shows the full time. I will look into allowing user defined min and max for both axis. I will also look into time of day for the time axis as an option.

Originally Posted by BMerrill View Post
Setting the IP address to access the Stoker?
When at home the iPhone connects WiFi to homenet accessing the Stoker using it's LAN address. It will not access the Stoker using a DNS port forward website when on the homenet. When I leave the home network and get on 3G or at a hot spot I have to use the DNS port forward website.

Any suggestions on how to set this up so it works seemlessly to make one graph.
If you know you will be leaving the local network and want to have a continuous graph, I would suggest monitoing via an external address. Also, I'm not sure why you can't use the external address while you are on your home network without getting more information from you. Check over this post about connecting to your stoker from outside: I will gladly help you get that working if you PM me or email me at

As for merging the graphs, I will look into adding this feature.

Originally Posted by BMerrill View Post
Thanks for making the app, you have done a good job...

Thanks for taking the time to let me know what you think. I hope this response has satisfied you. If not, feel free to post again, PM me, or email me at
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