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Default My first cook on UDS

Today was a great day on my UDS I fired it up with 10lb of kingsford just to see if i could get this temperature control down. I got a Instant Read Digital Thermometer from harbor fright tools Item 95381 kinda spur of the moment thing i was there getting some casters for my UDS and they had them at the checkout line. IT WORKED LIKE A CHAMP made it much easier to see my temp climb and drop. any way I got it up to 230 and it was holding well with ball-valve open all the way and both caps on with one cap unscrewed to the first thread. It would almost come that went well. then I wanted to cook a Chicken so I put it on and pulled the one cap off and the temp started to go up hit 314 and i stared to jack with the ball valve closed it down half way and the temp started going down just like a oven after 2 hours and the Chicken temp hit 200 i pulled it off had a great color and juicy and TASTY bring on the BRISKET

Got them at harbor Freight tool

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