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Originally Posted by QansasjayhawQ View Post
... I do not cook 'with sauce'. It's only applied as another 'layer of flavor' just before turn in.
This is presuming you mean the traditional BBQ sauce. I do use the juice from the brisket foil to baste the slices that I turn in . . . but I don't consider that a 'sauce' in the traditional BBQ sauce sense.
I probably should have said used 'when' cooking, and this would have included several possible applications from the Jumpin' Jim style of braising thighs in sauce, foiling ribs with some sauce, glazing ribs, and also as a finishing sauce for some pulled shoulder, etc. What I was after was.... in most cases sauces are balanced with the meat, the rub(s), the smoke, so everything can work together to complement each other. Tasted alone, a sauce might be too spicy, too sweet or too peppery. But tasted along with the barbecue it might be a good fit.

But, a sauce for a sauce category is all by itself. Most of the ones I have judged have unique flavors, often a subtle fruit back flavor, or a spicy back flavor, some do have meat drippings, and others have a smoky flavor. I was wondering what the line of thinking was from a cooks point of view since each sauce is only getting one to three tastes. I use my finger for two tastes, and also sop some up with bread.

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