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is Blowin Smoke!
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Looks very slick. So did you just tape the base and then cut out the flames?
Yes, It's left over "Frog Tape".

As far as the CNC machine, I believe Smoker King has some access to a water jet cutter. Also, search for the thread on the midnight smoker giveaway. That guy in Minneapolis, KS obviously has some cool cutting tools.

Also, that is a very sturdy looking charcoal basket. I am guessing the center cylinder is there in case you want better airflow?
Yes, I read where someone did some buscuit testing and discovered the the heat is more even from the outer edge to the center of the grate by doing this. Thought I would try it out.
Thanks for looking.

What is that hook in the middle for?
The center hook is for the ash pan. Kind of like a upside down steel umbrella with 3 feet. I can lift up the charcoal basket by it's self, then remover the ash pan. The basket has a slot so the hook will pass through the bottom grate.
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