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well here we go.

i got some beef ribs after a decent search. i wanted to keep the cook simple, but with some good seasoning.

i started with 1 chunk of hickory and 1 peice of cherry smoke stix.

i gave the ribs a wash in woosty(i don't feel like going to the fridge)a sprinkle of oakridge beef and pork. i then dusted with onion powder, kosher salt, and black pepper and let them sit for a few. here is before and after.

photo (43).JPG

photo (44).JPG

i got the "kettle" up to @ 250* and started the wood smoking. here is 2 hours in.

photo (45).JPG

after a little over 3 hours i pulled them off. cut 1 bone out, gave 'em a glaze and back on. heres what i did with the 1 bone.

photo (47).JPG

i pulled the rest off tented them to rest and heated up the beans. the ribs looked like this.

photo (48).JPG

what did i glaze them with you ask?. well, i had a bottle of slabs, which is great on beef, and a jar of smoked brisket drippings. i mixed the two and brushed it on. i added a bit of brisket drippings to the beans as well.

photo (46).JPG

i sliced the ribs, poured the beans over a bicuit and FEASTED. hope you enjoyed the story. here is my entry photo.

photo (53).JPG
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