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Since the comment cards have been implemented . . . what? a couple seasons ago? I have turned in an average of one comment card per event, more or less. I fill one out whenever I score lower than a 6 and if I think I have a suggestion for the cook to improve their entry.
I think that if I ever receive a comment card, then I probably already know what was wrong with the entry because I would know that I would score my entry lower than 6 myself.
However, one thing I learned while studying martial arts is that everyone has something to offer to move my experience forward. From the lowliest white belt to the most seasoned black belt.
When I catch myself thinking things like 'I've heard that before.' or 'I know all about that.' those kinds of thoughts are my first clue that there is something here for me to learn and I begin considering all the aspects of the situation. I almost always find something in there that I can use. I strive to maintain [URL=""the beginner's mind[/URL] at all times.
So, I would think that ANY information provided on a comment card would somehow, eventually, help me to improve.
My turn-in sauce is not used for cooking. I do not cook 'with sauce'. It's only applied as another 'layer of flavor' just before turn in.
This is presuming you mean the traditional BBQ sauce. I do use the juice from the brisket foil to baste the slices that I turn in . . . but I don't consider that a 'sauce' in the traditional BBQ sauce sense.
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