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Default New BBQ Team Questions

I wanted to congratulate all who competed this weekend, and for submitting the great pics!! Y'all have really put a fire under my butt to get things rolling.

A couple of questions,

First, I joined the KCBS, but what do I need to do to register my team for competition next year? My wife and I have picked a name, but we don't want to get a banner, t-shirts, etc. until we are sure we can use the name.

Second, after looking at the turn in pictures from this weekend, how do you get your meat to look so "wet". My pork is tender and juicy, but it does not look like the Brethren's in the turn in pictures.

Third, Phil, what kind of cooker/cookers did you use this weekend? We have about made up our minds, but I wan't sure if you used your BYC.

I thank you for any info you can provide, and as always, tips are very welcome, as we are jumping in with both feet. I hope to meet some of you at Dillard.
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