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Originally Posted by RevZiLLa View Post
Years ago, after accidentally discovering that smoked corned beef is a lot like pastrami, I had a tongue sandwich at a deli. Then I saw tongue at the grocery store (HEB in Austin, TX in the late 80's).

Peel off the skin and smoke it low and slow and you get a lot of tongue for sandwiches....a LOT more tongue than you need. It was cheap and we were on a budget so I eventually gave it another shot. It was good, but somehow....viscous...maybe undercooked?

I had my fill of tongue and have not touched it for over 20 years since then.

Is there some secret to doing it right? Soak it first? Select a smaller tongue? Maybe the answer doesn't matter because I NEVER see tongue in the store here in Richmond, VA.
Are there no hispanic markets in Richmond? I'd check the carniceria! Even the "American" mom and pop grocer in my neighborhood always has a good selection of fresh tongue.
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