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Originally Posted by QansasjayhawQ View Post
The judge has not been properly trained.
I disagree with that statement. His/her training was likely fine, and the CD that's played at every judge's meeting, as well as the rep's comments, also serve as good reminders. Most of the time, people that feel the need to go back and taste and compare feel THEIR method is better than what they were taught. And if there are no immediate consequences of their method, they have no problem doing it over and over.

As a TC, I've had some judges tell me they did "it" (the whole method in question) at their training class and "no one said anything". I try not to make a big deal of it, and remind them of the procedure they should use in judging and how ultimately they shouldn't compare entries with one another, how it's not fair to the cooks to do that. Usually, this is all it takes, but sometimes the person is adamant that their way is best; that's when a discreet wink to the rep works best.

(and remember, if non-CBJs are used, they are instructed just before judging to judge each entry on its own merits and not compare entries as well)

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