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Originally Posted by Seachaser View Post
Rondini, Could you elaborate on your Temp control for each temperature listed. Like when do you close which valve and how much openings you have? Thanks in advance.

I open everything at start up. I use sheet magnets and 1 ball valve. I have 2 short stem thermometers just below my 2 upper grates. Depending on the temp I want, about 15 min after start up I start closing the magnet holes to get to and hold the temp I want. When I'm close to the temp I adjust the ball valve. This hole process takes roughly 30 min. After each adjustment I wait 5 min. REMEMBER, it's easier to raise the temp than it is to lower it. My thermometers are app. 50* cooler than center of my grills. If you haven't gotten yourself a note book yet I recommend you do and use it to track what u do on each cook. Every UDS is a little different on how it cooks. It took me awile to get a feel for how closing up 1 hole affected the temp, how 2 holes closed did it.
I hope this helps, if you want to pm me feel free.
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