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I'm undecided today between caulking up the intakes (to kill off the airflow problems) or ignoring that and getting the stoker bolted in. I closed off all the intakes at 1:45am and it was still running 175F at 2pm today. (I dumped the remaining fuel into the fire pit and it lit back up. So maybe I'll have a campfire tonight )

I originally put in 1" nipples, but they were way too big - control was either valve wide open and not quite enough, or valve closed/one nipple open and it was too much.. I put 3/4 reducers on them but I think its leaking air. The problem is, I can't imagine where - the nipples are all tightly threaded into the holes and the electricians nuts (inside & outside) are super tight all around.

I'm thinking that I'll do the baffles/flavorizors and the stoker, see if the airflow problem goes away. Got ribs to cook tonight and caulking seems like it'll take half of forever. (Got 400 degree kitchen/bath/plumbing silicone - if its kitchen-safe, it should be food-safe in the unlikely event it comes in contact with food. I hope. And the 4" nipples should keep the temp below 400 - they seem to get warm but not excessively hot.)
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