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Did my first cook on it (couple of random chicken thighs I found in the freezer) and it worked out ok. (Overcooked a bit, but still food and -beautiful- smoke ring.) No pics yet.

I think I've got some air leaks. I closed it down around 1:45am, and now (11:15) its still at 205/175. (Vent is still open, bottom is all closed.)

I didn't put in 'flavorizer bars' yet, but fyi it looks like the $5 adujstable-length ones will work if you get 2-3 sets. For anyone who hasn't got a good source of angle iron.

No idea why it woke back up this morning, maybe it was just napping.. (Since its hard to read, the time markers are 9:30, 12:48, 4:00, 7:12, 10:24. Looks like it woke up at 4am and again at 9..)
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