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Originally Posted by Carbon View Post
I experimented with an 18" pizza screen last week which kept edge to center temps reasonably close, while allowing drippings to hit the coals. I like this set up so far.

(I wanted to add a little smoke to the corn before finishing them off on another grill)
Hey Carbon.. try this for corn.. it works great.

Leave the corn IN THE HUSK. Soak the corn in water for a few minutes, making sure to get that corn "hair" all wet. Then place it on a grill but low heat, or in the smoker. It should take 30-45 mins. The corn will come out very moist. Then just husk it right before eating. It also makes the husk stuff very easy to remove.

Or you can put the corn onto a sheet of aluminum foil, to help further the steaming action. Comes out really good.
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