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Originally Posted by Disconnect View Post
Awesome. I think I'm gonna keep the 2 barbs I have (pretty brass ones ) for the 12" under-grate analog probes, and I'll pick the halex parts up tomorrow for the stoker sensors. (2 per grate, plus I need to add at least 1 more to my WSM.)

So far its going well - lid temp is showing about 300, lid leaks like a sieve, and its humming along slowly. Gotta find a better way to seal the lid, or (ideally) to re-round the barrel. (When I dumped the water out it got out of true and the old weber lid isn't up to the job..)

Also, fyi, if anyone gets this far before building one :) The lowes here couldn't find nuts to fit the threading on the barbs, but the plumbing guy was interested in the challenge. There is a piece that basically looks like a bolt/cap (male) but is open through and fits the female barbs. So drill, push the piece from the outside, add a couple of washers and tighten the barb on. (I don't have it in front of me, I'll edit tomorrow w/ better info)

I also used a brass 1/8" hose barb with a MIP male thread that I drilled a hole to fit the male threads and fit through the barrel side from the inside and a MIP matching thread cap that I drilled a hole in for my thermometer probe to go through. With the cap on the outside and tightened it makes for a stable point for the thermometer to be introduced to the interior of the smoker. It also makes it easy to remove my thermometer after I smoke my meat, and that makes it easier to get my grills out and my charcoal basket out. I placed mine 1" below the bottom grill which is 8" below the top rim of my barrel.
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