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Living in Chicago I have access to an insane amount of ethnic grocery stores. These are the places that have a huge variety of peppers. So many in fact that I think it would take me months of trying to make sauce with each one. We have tried the Chipotle Adobo sauce and I think its horrible. It leaves such a tomato paste taste in the sauce no matter how I cook it. I cant stress enough on using the real thing. Such a huge difference and you can really taste it more prominently.

Making sauce is so much fun that I honestly think its a hobby of mine. Much Like ChaCha I love to get my customers involved as well as friends and neighbors. We have customers who request shelf sauce but we always bring our own just for them to taste. 9 times out 10 when they order again they want our sauce over the shelf. Sometimes people play it safe and go with they know but give them a chance to take the risk.
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