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Default Temperature variations solution

Just a couple of thoughts on why long probe vs short probe thermometers read differently in the UDS.

Looking at the pictures as I read through the thread, I noticed that pretty much every thermometer shown, that had been used- has a build up of contaminants (seasoned). This will cause the thermometer to give false readings to some extent.

The heavier the contamination, the more fluctuation. As the contamination is uneven and acting as an insulator initially and then possibly a heat sink, I can see why it takes time for adjustments to be noticeable.

Even though it is minor differences for the most part it still is likely avoidable. I think that cleaning the probes after each use will help with this. It is probably he only part of the UDS that can survive without being seasoned.....

I know this doesn't address the issue of thermal mass and convection as a cause of varying temperatures, but is one possible causation that maybe we can eliminate.

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