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Originally Posted by uproar90 View Post
Serious question... How quick is 'instant'?

I've bought a few of those exact same model; smallish medallion style digi-thermo claiming to be instant.

I've never had one give even 'quick' results. The last one I bought actually took 90 seconds to come up to temp when measured against another therm already @ temp.

@ that price, I'd buy 4 or 5 to keep in the kitchen and around the BBQ stuffs, but only if they were true 'quick read' and gave accurate temps within 6-10 seconds.
I haven't timed it, but it is less than 10 and more than 3 seconds. It reads quickest when the probe is deeper in the meat. The downsides are smaller display and you have to be careful not to immerse the head when cleaning. After 4 or 5 years, when it needs a new battery, just toss it.

On edit: I tried it in ice water and it took more like 15 seconds.

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