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Originally Posted by Paul Worth View Post
The hose barb works fine for the analog thermometer port but I have found that a metal valve stem (minus the valve) works just as well, is easier, cheaper AND it's chrome plated. Check your local auto parts store. For the electronic probe port, the The Halex 1/2 in. watertight conduit connector is still the weapon of choice. I painted mine with high-temp manifold paint because it's galvanized but frankly I doubt it matters after it gets coated from a two-fattie burn.
Awesome. I think I'm gonna keep the 2 barbs I have (pretty brass ones ) for the 12" under-grate analog probes, and I'll pick the halex parts up tomorrow for the stoker sensors. (2 per grate, plus I need to add at least 1 more to my WSM.)

So far its going well - lid temp is showing about 300, lid leaks like a sieve, and its humming along slowly. Gotta find a better way to seal the lid, or (ideally) to re-round the barrel. (When I dumped the water out it got out of true and the old weber lid isn't up to the job..)

Also, fyi, if anyone gets this far before building one :) The lowes here couldn't find nuts to fit the threading on the barbs, but the plumbing guy was interested in the challenge. There is a piece that basically looks like a bolt/cap (male) but is open through and fits the female barbs. So drill, push the piece from the outside, add a couple of washers and tighten the barb on. (I don't have it in front of me, I'll edit tomorrow w/ better info)

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