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Default Party for 60, Numbers check please

I'm throwing a party for about 60 people. Mix of men and women of all ages. I have counted kids younger than 14 as half an adult.
Well 48 have rsvp'd but the with 18 outstanding so I figure I should cook for 60 and let people take home leftovers is there are any.

Here's what I'm thinking:

4 packer Briskets in the 10-12# range
10#s of pasta to become pasta salad
28 cups of beans, similar to Kerri's Hog Apple. I had made too much for my part of a family get together and have had them in the freezer.
12# Green Salad

Does that sound about right? Too little? WAY too much? Keeping in mind that I would rather have a little too much than not enough, especially on any meat as you can always find a use for leftover BBQ.

Do you think I should add another meat? If so any suggestions? I was originally thinking of grabbing some Italian sausage from costco/sams for a pseudo-Texan bbq.

Also we were thinking of cake and ice cream to finish. Any thoughts on how much of that?

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